Stefan Alexandres Art  
Appolon  Pythios
Dimensions: H5''xW1.80''xD1.10''
Palm tree leaf. Titanium.  Brass. Copper. 1.5mm diamond. 2mm yellow sapphire.
Technique: Harvested natural leaf. Gypsy setting. Soldering. Cutting. Fusing. Polishing. Patina.
Nature is always unique the sunset is different from one second to the next nor is a tree or leaf the same with another.
When I found this leaf I held it in my palms and looked at it patiently. “What do you want to be?”, I asked.
For the act of discovering I trimmed and reshaped it to reveal its new aesthetic, which was my call for more participation. This procedure was the most challenging in the fabrication process for the fear of error and loosing the whole piece during this metamorphosis, considering that no correction could be made after this alteration. Recasting a new role to a piece of nature may lead to an unpredictable adventure.
The final step in this synthesis was the supporting metal bracket which assembled all parts and a pin to suspend the brooch.
Small faceted stones were incorporated for a touch of color.
February 2014  Photography: curtesy of the artist Stefan Alexandres IMG_6172.jpg