Stefan Alexandres Art  
Dimensions: H6-1/2’’xW3''xD1-1/2''
Palm tree leaf. Titanium. Brass. Copper. Ruby. Amethyst.
Technique: Harvested natural leaf. Casting. Stone setting (gypsy setting technique). Soldering. Cutting. Fusing. Polishing.
As the journey of making continues with every new piece, I experience different adventures. For the act of day-to-day life I create my own Utopias, exploring the collaboration of reclaimed metals with humble natural materials in such a manner as to recast their natural aesthetics.  The day calls me out for nature observation, the eyes searching the plant.   Time of no thoughts or internal dialogue  every second; pure life.  As I discovered this unique natural leaf I knew subliminally that it was very special.  I used it as I had found it with its pure individual identity without modification.
The brass parts were made with recycled material using a simple process to melt it and then freely pore-splashing it, without using molds. Several brass parts have been soldered together to create a frame and everything else was suspended on that frame. The metal fabrication, the stone setting and the polishing were done separately before combining them with the natural leaf, while having been designed to merit each other.
 January 2014   Photography: curtesy of the artist Stefan Alexandres IMG_6215.jpg